Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cost to discuss my potential case?

Like all law firms that operate a contingent model, there is no charge to discuss your potential case.

If you take my case, what will be the fee charged?

We typically handle personal injury matters and charge clients what is called a contingency fee. This means that our fee for the legal services we provide will be based on a percentage of what we recover for you. In most cases the percentage is a third of the net recovery. The net recovery refers to the amount recovered less the expenses incurred to obtain the recovery. For example, if the recovery is $100,000 and the case expenses were $4,000, the net recovery would be $96,000 and the fee would be a third of that, or $32,000. If you do not recover, there is no fee charged. If we accept your case we will enter into a written contingency fee agreement that will clearly spell out all of these details.

If I come to your firm, will one of your top lawyers work on my case or will I get someone else?

If you come to Faraci Lange your case will be supervised by one of our top trial lawyers. We typically work on cases in teams, with associate attorneys, nurse consultants, paralegals, and legal assistants also assisting the trial lawyer in preparing the case.

How much is my case worth?

The ultimate value of a case is based upon multiple factors. For this reason, we will never be able to quote you a specific number at the outset and any attorney who says otherwise is not being honest with you. A case is worth what a typical jury would award for it. However, since each jury is a unique group of six people, we must pull from our vast experience to come up with a range based upon prior cases involving similar injuries. If there is an arguable defense to your claim, which is virtually always true, then the chances of the defense succeeding at trial must also be factored in. Valuing personal injury claims in light of all of these factors is not an exact science, but because Faraci Lange has so many experienced trial lawyers, our combined experience is tremendously helpful.

How long will my case likely take?

Precise estimates on this issue are also very difficult. In some situations we will need to wait for your medical condition to become clear. Faraci Lange will never try to settle your case before your doctors are reasonably sure of what your medical outcome will be. Because this is your only shot, we need to make it count. Once we file suit most cases can be resolved in 2-3 years. However, the judge assigned and how busy his or her schedule is will always be a major factor in determining when the case will be set for trial.

How do I know that you are experienced in handling my type of case?

Although every case is unique, because Faraci Lange has been representing injured plaintiffs for over forty-five years and because we have so many experienced trial attorneys, it is a virtual certainty that if you have a personal injury case we will have handled one like it in the past.

My case involves very complex medical issues. How do I know you are capable of understanding these complex issues sufficiently to represent my interests?

Although Faraci Lange has many experienced attorneys who have handled many complex medical claims in the past, we also have four legal nurse consultants who formerly worked in the health care field and who have been trained to conduct thorough medical research on any subject matter and to understand medical records. We also work closely with outside consultants with expertise in every field imaginable. These consultants will educate the attorneys to the point that we can become experts ourselves on any medical issue.