Help for Hoosick Falls Residents With Housing Matters

The Hoosick Falls water supply is contaminated with toxic levels of PFOA poses.  This not only puts the  health of residents at risk, but also poses many challenges, such as damage to property values.

A diminished home value can put residents already are struggling with their mortgage payments at increased risk of foreclosure because the loss of value makes finding refinancing options more difficult.

We have heard from Hoosick Falls residents saying that their property value has dropped sharply since discovery of the contamination of the town’s water supply.

An important resource for Hoosick Falls residents struggling with your mortgage or facing foreclosure is the Troy Rehabilitation and Improvement Program (TRIP), Inc.  TRIP has a Default/Foreclosure Prevention Counseling program that may be able to provide important information and assistance in saving your home from foreclosure.

The loss of property value may be a recoverable item of damages in a lawsuit.  If you believe that your property is losing value because of the PFOA contamination in your water supply, you should contact us to discuss your legal rights.